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Get centered again and know what you want now!

Keep your CONNECTION and get more ENERGY in

your LIFE and projects

Virtual "coffee-shop" coaching on-line

  • Maintain closeness with family

  • Create bonds with travel community

  • Warmth and femininity

  • Happy and healthy mindset

  • Living your best life

  • Latin-Italian-women who travel

  • English speaking too!

Hello amazing YOU!

Spending time away from family, kids, hubs and also aging parents can feel a bit overwhelming and lonely, no matter if your goal is long or short termed.

You know you are travelling abroad, or even living there for some time, you understand it's for a good reason and you also know that pang of just having to talk to someone and ease the longing. Wouldn't it be just amazing if you could just share this with someone who just gets this emotional mix?!

To hear a friendly voice, help you get yourself together again, so that you are clear headed and all set for the challenges ahead!

Feeling free to open up about soft topics too!

I totally get it, I have travelled a lot, either as a corporate wife, having to either take babies with me - lots of work here, but great bonus too or staying away for a couple of weeks - I even went to a job interview, with my baby on my lap!

And this was before internet and cell phones!

Now we have technology with coaching support to lighten you up, so that you get centered in your capacities, and all this while out there, in this big-small world!

Even recently I was in Japan, with my millennial daughter, we had some research to do, we knew people, we were together and even then, we felt a huge emotional grip from being so far away, with a very different culture, language and food.

I love how exciting living abroad and travelling can be, but that does not stop routine to fall in and our hearts to start longing and wanting to connect with what is somewhat familiar - it supports you, gives you strength to face your work week or projects.

And what is so amazing is that you can continue empowering yourself and getting stronger before, during and after your assignments - by sharing your Desires step by step and being supported along the way. Being away and coming home gets to be good again!


These are pro-active, practical, coaching programs and do not subtitute any medical treatment to any health issues you might have.

Please seek a professional doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist if it's your case and if you are mentally ill.

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